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SATs 2016

In the summer term of 2016, children in Year 2 and Year 6 will be the first to take the new SATs papers. These tests in English and maths will reflect the new national curriculum, and are intended to be more rigorous. There will also be a completely new marking scheme to replace the existing national curriculum levels. At the end of Year 6, children will sit tests in: Reading, Grammar, Punctuation and Spellling and Maths. These tests will be both set and marked externally, and the results will be used to measure your child's progress and the school's performance. Your child’s marks will be used in conjunction with teacher assessment to give a broader picture of their attainment.


'Old’ national curriculum levels (e.g. Level 3, 4, 5) have now been abolished, as set out in government guidelines. From 2016, test scores will be reported as ‘scaled scores’. It is planned that 100 will always represent the ‘national standard’. Each pupil’s raw test score will therefore be converted into a score on the scale, either at, above or below 100. 

A child who achieves the ‘national standard’ (a score of 100) will be judged to have demonstrated sufficient knowledge in the areas assessed by the tests. A child awarded a scaled score of 100 is judged to have met the ‘national standard’ in the area judged by the test.


A child awarded a scaled score of more than 100 is judged to have exceeded the national standard and demonstrated a higher than expected knowledge of the curriculum for their age.


A child awarded a scaled score of less than 100 is judged to have not yet met the national standard and performed below expectation for their age.


In addition, some schools will be required to take part in Science testing, consisting of three tests in Biology, Physics and Chemistry. Not all schools will take part in this sampling, which takes place on a later date. 

All tests are externally marked. Writing will be ‘Teacher Assessed’ internally, as in recent years.


Easter SATs School: Thursday 7th April 2016 to Friday 8th April 2016 (10.00am to 3.00pm). 


SATs Tests for Year 6 pupils will take place between Monday 9th May 2016 and Thursday 12th May 2016.


SATs Week Timetable:


Monday 9th May 2016 – KS2 English Reading Test (1 hour paper, worth 50 marks).

Tuesday 10th May 2016 – KS2 English Grammar, Punctuation and Spelling. Paper 1: Grammar and Punctuation (45 minutes in length, 50 marks) and Paper 2: Spelling Questions (15 minutes in length, 20 marks). 

Wednesday 11th May 2016 – KS2 Mathematics Paper 1: Arithmetic (30 minutes in length, 40 marks). KS2 Mathematics Paper 2: Reasoning (40 minutes in length, 35 marks).

Thursday 12th May 2016 – KS2 Mathematics Paper 3: Reasoning (40 minutes in length, 35 marks).



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