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Throston Primary School

A Flying Start to Success


Every child at Throston had an attendance target of 95.9% for the whole school academic year 2014/2015.


Your child can quickly fall behind in their learning and development and their progress can become limited if they do not attend regularly. School employs an Attendance Officer, Mrs. J. Winspear who monitors every child’s attendance and punctuality.


Should your child require time away from school due to illness, appointments or holidays, we ask that you follow our whole school attendance policy. We are aware that children do become ill, but please be aware that their attendance will be closely monitored throughout the year. Please note, we do not authorise any holidays in September.


Lateness After School

There may be occasions when children are not collected from school. If this situation were to arise we will carry out the following procedure:

  • If parents do not arrive at the expected time, a phone call will be made after 10 minutes to all available contact numbers.
  • If no contact is made the child would be taken to the Head Teacher or Deputy Head Teacher to wait for contact from parents/carers.
  • If after 20 minutes we have still had no response the school would contact the Local Authority Attendance Team. The team would then visit the child’s home and school.
  • If no family member listed within the school contacts can be found to pick up the child, the Attendance Team will contact Emergency Duty Social Care and a decision will be made as to whether the child is placed in emergency foster care.




Policy for lost children

In the unlikely case of a child going missing while in the care of the school the person in charge of the session will follow the procedure below.



  • Contact the parents to inform them what problem has occurred.
  • Investigate a search of the premises or area without causing undue panic amongst other children.
  • If the child is not on the premises or area the search will be widened to the surrounding area.
  • If the child is still not found then the local police will be contacted and a full search will be carried out by the police service.
  • During this time a correct adult child ratio will be maintained.
  • After the event the security procedures will be reviewed.
  • All relevant parties of findings, implications and outcomes of review will be informed.