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Discipline and Rules

The rules in the Early Years are designed to create a happy, safe, secure and caring environment, where all children are encouraged to develop their full potential. The rules are in line with the rest of the school and we would expect parents/carers to take an active role in supporting us to encourage positive behaviour. We will contact parents/carers if we have any problems with your child’s behaviour in the Early Years. Then, we can work as a team to help your child to improve their behaviour and provide further support if necessary. If a child has persistent poor behaviour they will be asked to sit on a ‘Thinking Chair’ for 5 minutes to reflect on the behaviour demonstrated. This is then discussed with a

member of the Early Years staff. Children would also have their name put on a cloud. This serves as a visual reminder to the children. If a child has two incidents of poor behaviour in a week, they would be spoken to by Mrs. Black or Mr. Atkinson and their name would be entered in the disrespectful book (in line with whole school policy). Parents are informed at the end of the session if their child has had poor behaviour during the session. Staff focus on praising and reinforcing positive behaviour and the ‘Thinking

Chair’ would be used as a last resort when other options have been explored.