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A Flying Start to Success

Nursery and Reception Starters - September 2020

Welcome to Throston Primary School. On this page you will be able to access all the latest news/guidance ahead of your child starting Nursery or Reception this September. Unfortunately, due to the pandemic we have had to adapt our usual transition arrangements. Instead we will keep you posted via this web-page.

In the interim, if you have a question, no matter how big or small, please just e-mail us at: or phone the school office (01429) 288291.


We cannot wait to give your child a 'Flying Start to Success'.


Stay Safe, Mr. Atkinson (Head Teacher).


Answers to e-mailed questions:

Answers to e-mailed questions: 1

1) When we will find out what class the children will be going into when they start Reception this September?


We will provide class lists once we know about the 11 new children joining us. Once we receive contact details for all 11 new children, our Early Years staff will phone (rather than visit due to COVID-19) to ascertain as much information as possible that will allow us to create balanced classes. With the class lists we will also provide details of teaching staff for 2020/2021.


2) Can forms be completed online and returned via e-mail or do you require them in paper form?


We are happy to receive both electronic and paper based information (whatever is easiest for you). Electronic information should be e-mailed to Just say if you need pdf's in a Microsoft Word format.


3) Due to uncertainty about the current situation can I temporarily delay my child's start to Reception in September, say by a term? What are my options? 


This is something that must be discussed with Mrs. Tate (Early Years Lead) and the head teacher, it is dependent on many factors including when a child is of ʺcompulsory school ageʺ. 


Your child is of ʺcompulsory school ageʺ on the 1st January, 1st April or 1st September following their 5th birthday.


Children becoming 5 years old between 1st September and 31st December are of compulsory school age from the beginning of the term after 1st January.

Children becoming 5 years old between 1st January and 31st March are of compulsory school age at the beginning of the term after 1st April.

Children becoming 5 years old between 1st April and 31st August are of compulsory school age from the beginning of the term after 1st September.


4) Can I still defer my child's entry into Reception, when I applied in January I assumed my child would have had another two full terms in Nursery, but due to COVID-19 this has not happened?


Any questions relating to deferments should be directed to Janet Dennis (Primary School Admissions Officer) via (01429) 523765.