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Throston Primary School

A Flying Start to Success

The School Logo and Throsties

The School Logo
On the school logo you will see a phoenix seated on a bridge. The bridge is actually Throston Bridge which once stood as the entrance to the Headland. The bridge was demolished in 1973, the same year the school opened. Therefore whilst one structure was destroyed another structure, our school, was constructed.

The phoenix is of course the mythical bird that spontaneously combusts at the end of its life, from its ashes rises a new bird just as powerful as its predecessor. Please note according to the dictionary a phoenix is also the word for describing a person or thing regarded as uniquely remarkable in some respect. At Throston we certainly believe every child is unique! Around the logo you will also notice eight individual links, each one represents a year group from Nursery to Year 6. Put all the links together and you have one supportive chain working to take the school forward. Every child no matter what age is equally important at Throston. 


At Throston Primary School we have what we call the 'Flying Steps to Success', the steps (or Throsties) are skills which are explicitly taught during lessons, educational visits, lunchtimes, assemblies etc. in order to ensure children achieve in life. The skills were devised by the school council and school staff. If children demonstrate they have shown one of the flying steps to success they will be given a bespoke certificate, badge and sticker. All children aim to acquire all 16 badges whilst at the school. How many will your child obtain? The school has 'emoticons' to go with the Throsties as shown below. Please click on one to read a description. Happy collecting!

Description of the Throsties