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02/09/2021 - Summer Makeover

Over the summer holidays many parts of the school have had a makeover. Although the improvements are not always visible, they are certainly essential. Here is a quick summary:


1) New fire doors have been installed in various locations. More fire proofing will take place during October half-term.

2) New heating units have been installed, in various locations. The school should now feel very warm!


3) A new bike/scooter shelter has been installed near the forest school, and the forest school gate has been moved. This shelter will initially be used by Year 5 and Year 6, whilst the older shelter will be used for Year 3 and Year 4.




4) A new gate has been installed near Kullar's Shop, this is for bike users. It is hoped a cycle lane will be added and a automatic barrier in October half-term. The lane will separate cyclists from pedestrians and lead to the new cycle shelter.



5) New air-con units have been fitted to Class 8, Year 3 (Mrs. Sharp's classroom) and the Reception Early Years child-initiated area.




6) Carpets have been cleaned in the school.

7) The Early Years pond has been cleared, we are now waiting for it to be lined. The grass has been cut and we are now getting new flower beds.


8) New blinds have been fitted in all our Key Stage 1 and Key Stage 2 classrooms. The ones in the picture are from Class 9, Year 4 (Mrs. Martin's classroom).