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School Complaints Procedure


If you are particularly pleased about how things are going in your child’s education, please let us know by

writing to the Chair of Governors (Andrew Millward), the Director of Child and Adult Services or to myself. Contact details are available from the school office. If you have a concern or complaint against a member of staff or the school it would be most helpful to the school and beneficial to the parent if the following procedures could be followed:


1 - Informal Stage

Parent should make an appointment with the appropriate member of staff so that the concern can be dealt with quickly and efficiently (parents should avoid approaching teachers at the beginning of the day or at the end of the day before children are dismissed).


2 - Formal Stage 1

If having seen a teacher the parent is still not satisfied with the outcome they are asked to put their concern in writing and address it to the Head Teacher. The concern is not treated as a complaint. The Head Teacher will then investigate the complaint and provide a response within 5 working days.


3 - Formal Stage 2

In the event that a parent is still unhappy the Chair of Governors will be made available in school for the parent to see.


4 - Formal Stage 3

If the Chair of Governors response is still unacceptable the parent may request a meeting of the governing body complaints appeal panel.


5 - Formal Stage 4

If the school solution is unsatisfactory parents have the right to complain directly to the Education Authority

and then to the Secretary of State for Education.

SEND Complaints:

Complaints linked to Special Educational Needs should initially be sent to Mrs. Black (


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Page updated: 29/08/2021