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Each Monday we have a whole school assembly at 9.15am. Details of themes are provided below:

Autumn 2021
Richard Wagner and Taylor Swift

Songs: Autumn Days and Cauliflowers Fluffy

Download our Songs:


Spring 2022
Elton John and Vivaldi

Songs: From the Tiny Ant and Thank You Lord


Summer 2022
Composers: Frédéric François Chopin and James Horner

Songs: The National Anthem, the Makaton VersionShine Jesus Shine and If I Were a Butterfly


Special Assemblies:
Welcome Back Assembly. The school logo - what does it represent?
13/09/2021: Head Boy and Head Girl Elections 2021/2022

24/09/2021: RNLI Assembly.

04/10/2021: Black History Month.
11/10/2021: Raising our Green Flag.

18/10/2021: Harvest Assembly.

Autumn Harvest
Harvest Samba
Better Together

22/10/2021: Firework Safety Assembly with Cleveland Fire Brigade.

08/11/2021: Poppy Day Assembly. 

15/11/2021: Anti-Bullying Assembly.
19/11/2021: Children in Need Assembly.
29/11/2021: Decorating the Christmas Tree Assembly.
06/12/2021: British Values Assembly - Tolerance of Different Cultures and Religions.

05/01/2022: Looking forward to 2022 and not being a Mr. Grumble.
10/01/2022: British Values Assembly - Individual Liberty.
17/01/2022: British Values Assembly - Rule of Law.
24/01/2022: British Values Assembly - Democracy.
31/01/2022: Protected Characteristics Assembly.

07/02/2022: Children's Mental Health Week.

08/02/2022: Internet Safety Day 2022.

14/02/2022: Ofsted Preparation.
03/03/2022: World Book Day 2022.
07/03/2022: Women in History, The Story of Esther with Reverend Michelle.

14/03/2022 and 21/03/2022: Assessment Weeks (no assembly).
29/03/2022: Promotional Video Assembly.

04/04/2022: The Easter Story with Reverend Michelle.

25/04/2022: Working Together As a Team.

16/05/2022: Is Democracy fair?

06/06/2022: What can you shine about?

13/06/2022: My Money Week Results!
20/06/2022: Visit by Throston Ward Councillors.

27/06/2022: TGT 2022 Results
04/07/2022: Year 6 Hoodies

Assembly PowerPoints

Head Teacher Awards – 10/09/2021
1) Certificate for Class 1 and Class 2 for having a fantastic first week in school (Reception).
2) Certificates for the children who gave up part of their summer holiday to access online tutoring – what dedication 😊
Rhys Booth
James Cullen
Nathaniel Donnison
Maisie Gofton
Flynn Gorton
Austin Hastings
Ethan Hold
Isaac Hold
Mia Howlett
Charlie Hughes
Daisy Hutchinson
Dylan Jones
Paige Long
Maisie MacRae
Aaliyah Perkins
Chloe Simpson

Head Teacher Awards – 17/09/2021

Certificate for Angel Hanlon for helping children who are sad and alone.2) Certificate for children who helped a lost dog:
Elizabeth Brookes
Lucas Cook
Chanel Gatenby

Maggie Horsley
Jacob Lilley

Hollie McFarlane
Poppy Montaque
Mia Pearce
Millie Reed
Shay Turnbull


Head Teacher Awards – 27/09/2021

Certificate for the children who were praised by the PE Lead at High Tunstall for their fabulous attitude and team work during a Tag Rugby competition.

Theo Bell
Jack Bolton
Noah Brown
Coen Brownbridge
James Cram
Flynn Gorton
Austin Hastings
Lewis Hudson
Dylan Jones


Head Teacher Awards – 01/10/2021

Certificate for the children who looked after their classmate, after he was upset.

Daisy Hutchinson
Sadie Knox


Head Teacher Awards – 08/10/2021

Certificate for being very brave.

Martha Collings
Alice McBride

Certificate for fantastic emotive writing.

Dexter Balch

Certificate for doing the right thing.
Will Collier-Robertson.


Head Teacher Awards – 15/10/2021

Certificate for helping keeping the school safe and letting us know about 'Stranger Danger'.

Chloe Simpson
Scarlett Winspear

Certificate for performing so well in the Tees Valley Cross-country competition.

Lucas Alton
James Cram
Joseph Davies


Head Teacher Awards – 22/10/2021

Certificate for collecting over 200 bags of litter in the local community.

Theo Rhead


Head Teacher Awards – 05/11/2021

Certificate for creating an amazing environmental poster.

Jasmine Cutting


Head Teacher Awards – 12/11/2021

Certificate for supporting the Royal British Legion with his own bespoke poppies.

Harry Fletcher


Head Teacher Awards – 12/11/2021

Certificate for creating an amazing anti-plastic poster.

Ella Wright


Head Teacher Awards – 19/11/2021

Certificates for creating amazing anti-bullying posters.

Maddison Green
Shay Turnbull
Certificate for helping the ICU at North Tees Hospital.
Lucy-Ann Robinson
Certificate for an outstanding football performance.
Will Adams
Noah Brown
Coen Brownbridge
James Cram
Charlie Hall
Ethan Hold
Charlie Knight
Harry Rukin


Head Teacher Awards – 03/12/2021

Certificates for creating amazing Eco and Christmas posters.

Isabelle Hicks
Shay Turnbull

Head Teacher Awards – 03/12/2021

Certificate for outstanding kindness, raising £100 for the St. Aidan's foodbank.

Theo Rhead


Head Teacher Awards – 03/12/2021

Certificate for outstanding kindness towards a fellow pupil.

Charlie Jenkins
George Lloyd


Head Teacher Awards – 14/12/2021

Certificate for outstanding kindness/charity support.

Rory Pout
Alexis Winwood
and Year 4 for their amazing work for the Hartlepool Food Bank.

Head Teacher Awards – 07/01/2022

Certificate for outstanding kindness.

Halle Fleetham-Reid

Certificate for outstanding bravery and resilience.

Lucas Bloor


Head Teacher Awards – 14/01/2022

Certificate for outstanding resilience and attending school virtually!

Willow Jobling
Maisie MacRae


Head Teacher Awards – 21/01/2022

Certificate for outstanding real-life writing ideas

Gracie Dunn

Certificate for outstanding good manners

Roham Sekhavati


Head Teacher Awards – 28/01/2022

Certificate for outstanding bravery and resilience.

Joseph Davies

Certificate for outstanding bravery and resilience.

Alden Kelly


Head Teacher Awards – 04/02/2022

Certificate for helping the Department for Education, via talking on Microsoft Teams about the benefits of Online Tuition.
Riley Caden

Ivy Crowe
Jacob Lilley
Jessie Wilson

Certificate for outstanding kindness - helping the paramedics at a road traffic accident.

Shay Turnbull


Head Teacher Awards – 11/02/2022

Certificate for showing a fantastic attitude to work.
Dexter Balch
Mia Bates
Dylan Davis
Evie Harrison
Harry Metcalfe

James Shipley
Isla Temple
Miley Wager
Jessica Walker
Certificate for being a kind and caring person:

Tayla Graddon


Head Teacher Awards – 18/02/2022

Certificate for impressing our Ofsted Inspector:

Individual Reading:

Locklin Devine

Georgie Calvert
Freddie Knight and Leighton Oldham

Sophia Drane
Isaac Kelly

Willow Watson
Reading Discussion:
George Guttridge
Jessica Bielby
Isabelle Little
Holly Griffith
Lucas Alton

Isla Temple
History Discussion:
Macie Woodward
Mason Taylor

Robyn Weston

Harry Flounders

Harper Cook

Faith Anderson


Head Teacher Awards – 04/03/2022

Certificate for helping the Tute , via talking on Microsoft Teams about the benefits of Online Tuition.
Ava Cook
Jacob Fox
Samuel Kidd
Macie Woodward

Certificate for showing a fantastic attitude to work.
Olive Aveyard
Poppy Carney
Cian Coyle
Joe Davies
Harry Fletcher
George Gatenby
Maddison Green
Charlie Knight

Annabelle Lyver
Millie Norton

Toby O'Connor
Coby Richardson


Head Teacher Awards – 11/03/2022

Certificate for showing a fantastic attitude to work.
Emmie Ansell
Ella Dodds
Isaac Donnison
Maggie Keighley
Kai Long
Amber Malone
Hugo Pape
Macie Woodward

Certificate for showing fantastic independence.
Connie Young


Head Teacher Awards – 18/03/2022

Certificate for conducting informative school inspections.

Isaac Hamilton-Bowen
Isabelle Little
Faith Anderson
Betty Bage
Freja Cooke
Joseph Davies
Emilia Hamilton-Bowen
Lucas Murphy
Chloe Simpson
Jessie Wilson
Certificate for outstanding effort in the classroom.
Rhys Booth
Olly Bruce

Toby Dickson
Ted Fawcett
Lola Fisher
Madison Freeman-Allen
Dylan Jones
Oliver Kerr
Leighton Oldham
Freya Newbury
Bea Robinson


Head Teacher Awards – 25/03/2022

Certificate for a fantastic attitude to work.
Elsie Billyard
Georgie Calvert

Paisley Collins
Alden Kelly
Alice McBride
Harry Piggford
Isabella Smith

Sophia Smith
Ella Winspear


Head Teacher Awards – 06/05/2022
1) Certificate for outstanding bravery - Dinos Konstantopoulos

2) Certificate for outstanding generosity - Halle Fleetham-Reid

3) Certificate for being an outstanding chess player - Noel Adams, Olly Bruce, Maddison Green, Flynn Gorton, Isaac-Hamilton Bowen, Isabelle Little, Annabelle Lyver and Harry Metcalfe


Head Teacher Awards – 10/06/2022
1) Certificate for outstanding kindness - wanting to help raise funds to repair the nursery window - Evie Cussons and Robyn Weston. 

2) Certificate for finding a £10 note and returning it - Halle Fleetham-Reid.

3) Certificate for winning the inter-school chess championship - Olly Bruce, Ben Connolly, Flynn Gorton and Isabelle Little. 

Open the Book - Tuesdays:


Autumn and Spring: Year 1 to Year 4

Summer: Reception to Year 3


Forthcoming Dates:





Each Friday we have  'Celebration Assembly'. We award our Throstie certificates and badges during this assembly to the children who have demonstrated one of our Throsties during the week. We also celebrate birthdays from the week and share certificates awarded by the class teacher.

Throstie Awards – 10/09/2021

Throstie Awards – 17/09/2021

Throstie Awards – 24/09/2021

Throstie Awards – 01/10/2021

Throstie Awards – 08/10/2021

Throstie Awards – 15/10/2021

Throstie Awards – 22/10/2021

Throstie Awards – 05/11/2021

Throstie Awards – 12/11/2021

Throstie Awards – 19/11/2021

Throstie Awards – 26/11/2021

Throstie Awards – 03/12/2021

Throstie Awards – 10/12/2021 and 17/12/2021

Autumn Term 2021 Top Class Dojo Winners

Throstie Awards – 07/01/2022

Throstie Awards – 14/01/2022

Throstie Awards – 21/01/2022

Throstie Awards – 28/01/2022

Throstie Awards – 04/02/2022

Throstie Awards – 11/02/2022

Throstie Awards – 18/02/2022

Throstie Awards – 04/03/2022

Throstie Awards – 11/03/2022

Throstie Awards – 18/03/2022

Throstie Awards – 25/03/2022

Throstie Awards – 01/04/2022

Throstie Awards – 08/04/2022

Throstie Awards – 29/04/2022

Throstie Awards – 06/05/2022

Throstie Awards – 13/05/2022

Throstie Awards – 20/05/2022

Throstie Awards – 10/06/2022

Throstie Awards – 17/06/2022

Throstie Awards – 08/07/2022

Annual Dojo Winners 2020-2021

ClassDojo Summer 2021 Winners receiving their prize.