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Throston Primary School

A Flying Start to Success

Values and Ethos

When parents and carers bring children to Throston Primary School it is the beginning of a partnership in their education.  The Home School Agreement puts into words the schools aims and values and sets down the responsibilities of parents and teachers and our expectations of children. We believe it is an agreement which you will feel comfortable to sign as it underpins our determination to provide the very best for the children. The Mission Statement of the School is:


“To be the best school”


Our school motto is “A Flying Start to Success”. This is what we hope to achieve for all of our children.


The School Aims:

  • To educate every child to achieve his/her full potential as an individual;

  • To prepare every child for life both within and outside of school;

  • To foster a love of learning;

  • To encourage everyone to be caring, thoughtful and considerate to all;

  • To show care and concern towards the local and distant environments.


The School Rules:

  1. Be kind;

  2. Be respectful;

  3. Try your best;

  4. Be truthful;

  5. Be neat and tidy.


The School Will:

  • put the mission and aims of the school into practice to benefit every child;

  • keep you informed about general school matters and your child’s progress;

  • reward children for effort and achievement;

  • apply the school rules and behaviour policy fairly and consistently;

  • set relevant weekly English and Maths homework;

  • ensure the children have a broad and balanced curriculum.


The Parent/Carer Will:

  • ensure they follow the school safeguarding procedures;

  • ensure their child attends school on time every day during term time, unless there is a good reason;

  • ensure children wear full school uniform and follow the jewellery guidance in the school prospectus;

  • work in partnership to support the school policies and guidelines for homework, behaviour and attitude, this means showing an interest in what your child has done at school and looking after and returning borrowed books/resources (parents will be asked to pay for damaged or lost books/resources);

  • attend parents’ evening for information and discussion about their child;

  • ensure that if their child has a packed lunch, that it is healthy and contains no sweets or chocolate;

  • inform the school of any concerns or problems which may affect their child’s work or behaviour.


The Pupil Will:

  • attend school and on time;

  • do all class work and homework as well as they can;

  • follow the school rules;

  • try to be the sort of pupil that school and parents/carers can be proud of.