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Throston Primary School

A Flying Start to Success

School Rules


• Be kind;

• Be respectful;

• Try your best;

• Be truthful;

• Be neat and tidy.



• We line up quietly both outside and inside school;

• We do not push in front of one another;

• We walk into the dining hall and walk out of the dining hall;

• We do not reach over the HOT kitchen counter;

• We remember to say please and thank you;

• We never talk when there is food in our mouth;

• We use our forks, knives and spoons properly;

• We don’t make work for others by making a mess;

• We talk quietly to the people next to us;

• We do not swap food with other children; We do not waste food;

• We do not wander about the dining hall;

• We put our hands up if we need something;

• We do not enter the school without asking;

• We do not climb on the school railings;

• We do not go on the grass if asked not to;

• We do not play rough, fight or bully;

• We always listen to and follow instructions

and show respect to the staff on duty.