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Throston Primary School

A Flying Start to Success



 In Reception we read lots of different books and we encourage children to answer questions and carry out activities to demonstrate their understanding of stories. For example, they may act out a story, or draw pictures of characters. We talk about and collect new vocabulary to use in speaking and listening tasks.

Word Reading

 Children participate in daily phonics teaching. They learn letter sounds, how to blend 2 or 3 sounds to read words and how to read and remember ‘tricky’ words. Towards the end of Reception they learn how to read longer words (words with 4 sounds).


 In Reception children experience lots of fine motor and pencil control activities as well as practising forming letters with the correct formation (see the brochure). They begin to use their phonic knowledge to write words and build up captions. In Reception they work towards writing sentences, with capital letters and full stops, which they can re-read to see if they make sense. Children have direct teaching, but also have writing opportunities whilst they are in child initiated play, for example, writing appointments in the vet’s role play, or writing labels on post-it notes for their models in the building blocks.