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Throston Primary School

A Flying Start to Success

Pupil as Leaders

Head Girl:

Harriett Devine

Head Boy:

Layden Wyness


Deputy Head Boy:

Jack Bolton

Deputy Head Girl:

Angel Hanlon


Pupil Leadership Team:


Nursery, Reception and Key Stage 1 Representatives:

Jack Bolton, Harriett Devine, Angel Hanlon and Layden Wyness

Class 7 Representative: Poppy Carney

Class 8 Representative: Isabelle Little

Class 9 Representative: Lacey Pearce

Class 10 Representative: Joel Hill

Class 11 Representative: George Gatenby

Class 12 Representative: Emilia Hamilton-Bowem
Class 13 Representative: Phoebe Hilder

Class 14 Representative: Eloise Grimston


SCHOOL COUNCIL DATES (1.00pm to 2.30pm):

1st November 2021 - TBC

24th January 2022 - Hart Primary School

21st March 2022 - Springwell School

16th May 2022 - Jesmond Gardens 

29th June 2022 - Primary School Council Conference

House Captains:


Noah Brown
Poppy Montaque


Vasi Konstantopoulos 
Sonny Powell


Charlie Hutchinson
Maisie MacRae


Flynn Gorton 
Pippa Hackworth

Junior Inspectors:
Isaac Hamilton-Bowen - Year 3
Isabelle Little - Year 3
Faith Anderson - Year 4
Betty Bage - Year 6
Freja Cooke - Year 5
Joseph Davies - Year 5
Emilia Hamilton-Bowen - Year 5
Lucas Murphy - Year 5
Chloe Simpson - Year 4
Jessie Wilson - Year 5

Play Leaders:

At Throston Primary School, we encourage children to develop as individuals. One of the ways we try to encourage this is a ‘Play Leading Scheme’. The scheme promotes children’s well-being, abilities, social skills and team work. It also encourages the older children to organise games for the younger children, it promotes the children’s organisation, communication and responsibility skills and most importantly they all have fun!

Our play leaders volunteer their time to support the younger pupils in Reception and Key Stage 1 at play times to establish a happy play time for all children. They are also rotated on a lunchtime to provide support and activities in both Key Stage 1 and Key Stage 2.

They have received training on how to deliver different games at break time. As well as delivering traditional playground games, the children have lots of play equipment to enjoy.

Another of the aims of the scheme is that it will increase the amount of physical activity undertaken during playtime/lunchtime.

Libby Ainsley
Betty Bage
Coen Brownbridge
Lucas Cook
Harriett Devine
Isla Dignen
Tilly Dunning
Jessica Flint

Maisie Gofton
Eloise Grimston
Pippa Hackworth
Angel Hanlon
Skye Haywood
Isabelle Hicks
Mia Howlett
Holly Jensen
Amelia Johnson

Vasi Konstantopoulos
Jacob Lilley

Maisie MacRae
Hollie McFarlane
Poppy Montaque
Mia Pearce
Ellie Ramsay

Millie Reed
Scarlet Tarran
Evie Winspear