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Throston Primary School

A Flying Start to Success

Expressive Arts and Design

At Throston we extend your child’s creativity by supporting their curiosity, exploration and play.

Being imaginative

In Reception we will build on the range of songs they know. In music they will explore how music makes them feel, move to music and describe music. 

We will find out the different sounds we can make with instruments, such as fast, slow, loud, soft, as well as learn about rhythm and beat.

Creating with Materials

In Reception they use role play and small world play, with increasing collaboration and use of appropriate vocabulary.

In Reception they will use a range of media, such as paint, pastels, clay, collage materials, wood, fabric and technology. They will be encouraged to combine materials and give more thought to the planning and finish of their product. Children will use the resources with increasing care and ability, with fine motor skills, to shape them.