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Personal, Social and Emotional Development

Personal, Social and Emotional Development

Using ‘Circle Time’ activities and the ‘Jigsaw PSHE / Health and Well-being’ materials, children participate in talking and sharing activities which will help them to develop a positive sense of themselves and others; respect for others; social skills and a positive disposition to learn. We have a range of resources including puppets, dolls, books and photographs which encourage children to explore and manage their own feelings and to understand appropriate behaviour when interacting in groups.



In Reception children build on their ability to concentrate and listen in class. They talk about their feelings in different situations and how they can manage their feelings.


Managing Self

We decide on class rules and why we need them. In Reception we talk about looking after ourselves, both physical health, personal safety and mental wellness. The children are encouraged to talk about the things they are good at and persevere with things they find tricky and want to improve.



Building Relationships

In Reception we talk about being friends, helping people and how we can make people feel. We can do this through Circle time, stories or role play. We give each other positive feedback. We carry out tasks which need collaboration.