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'Science and everyday life cannot and should not be separated' Rosalind Franklin

This collection, produced by the Royal Society of Chemistry (RSC), provides ideas for incorporating science teaching and learning into a topic based plan. Divided into three age ranges which span the primary phase, each resource contains key questions which can be used to drive enquiry based learning around relevant science topics. Science ideas webs can be used to support topic planning, offering opportunities showing how science could fit within a topic.

We are proud to announce that we are part of the Ogden Trust Science Partnership in Hartlepool. Working alongside several other schools in the town – both secondary and primary- the partnership aims to develop the teaching and learning of Science, particularly Physics, through sharing best practice and supporting transition of pupils from primary to secondary and beyond. This partnership will form a key part in sharing our commitment to STEM achievement and aspirations with our wider community.

Every child at Throston will have the chance to visit the nuclear power station during their time with us. This happens usually in Year 4 when children work on the topic of electricity. As we have a Nuclear Powerplant on our doorstep, it is important to ensure that children experience these facilities and are able to think about their future job prospects.

Further, that in 2019, Year 6 pupils attended a career fair attended by major petrochemical employers, universities, NHS, biomedical engineering firms, renewable energy firms and representatives from the automotive industry that was held by our secondary school colleagues at High Tunstall College of Science. 


Guest Speakers - Here are some of the people we have heard from through web chats and STEM lectures alongside High Tunstall College of Science..