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Meet Our School Governors

Mr. Andy Millward: Chair of Governors

I'm married and have a son who left Year 6 in July 2016. When I'm not at work, in school or ferrying my son all over (Dad's taxi!), I help run a weekly Toddler Play Group and the monthly Messy Church family service at a local church. I love all sport, despite being a lifelong Boro fan and regularly attempt a vague impression of playing local league Table Tennis. I became a Governor after wanting to be more involved with my son's school and it's a role I really enjoy.

Mrs. Sarah Alton: Vice-Chair of Governors

My name is Sarah Alton I am mum to Lucas (Year 3). I have worked in many areas for education for over 15 years; I become a governor as I have an interest in education and Throston Primary School.

I am also the chair of the PTA and enjoy raising funds for the school.


Mr. Jonathan Dunning: Co-opted Governor

I am a Co-opted Governor for the school. I presently have one daughter in the school and another has left to join High Tunstall after spending 8 happy years at Throston. I am an Estates Manager for an Academy Trust and have responsibility for Compliance, Maintenance and Investment in school buildings. Prior to my current position, I have been working in a management role in the construction industry for over 20 years and have worked on many schemes involving schools, including a number in Hartlepool. These include projects at the school, such as the external corridor and the part refurbishment of the hall, both of which are welcome improvements. My initial motivation for joining the governing body was to learn more about the education my children were receiving and to understand how the school delivered this, as I wanted a first class education in a welcoming environment for my children. This has evolved into a greater understanding of the Governor role, which has enabled me to contribute to the strategic development of the school. I thoroughly enjoy the role and responsibilities and I am certainly pleased to be associated with our fantastic school.


Mrs. Paula Hargrave-Dixon: Co-opted Governor

I am a co-opted governor for Throston Primary School and enjoy actively supporting the early years department.

I moved to Hartlepool in 2002 and my youngest daughter attended Throston Primary School, starting in reception, gaining good foundations to her education, and then moving onto High Tunstall, then onwards, gaining her degree and becoming a community nurse.

Whilst bringing up my two daughters, I had franchises within the petrol retail sector and managed various petrol stations, employing staff, and ensuring they participated in the relevant training to ensure they were confident in their role and worked safely. I managed the day to day running of the sites, staff, stock, money and accounting.

I left the petrol retail business when my family had grown and became a childminder, firstly supporting my eldest daughter with my first grandson and now supporting many families with juggling their work and home life, ensuring their children get a good start in life.

Overlapping my various career roles, I was a foster carer for eleven years, caring for children, long term, short term and finally our last one was from 18-month-old to being adopted.

I enjoy supporting the school and being part of helping to keep the school achieving high standards and a positive focus. It is an enjoyable task to work alongside people who are passionate for the school to do well.  I enjoy spending my spare time at the school and getting to know the children and to share the pride of watching them achieve.

Mrs. Jane Kashouris: Co-opted Governor
I have been a teacher in Hartlepool since 2002 and was delighted to be appointed as deputy headteacher at Throston Primary School in September 2022. Prior to this I was a primary teaching and learning adviser for Hartlepool Borough Council, working with a range of schools to improve the quality of leadership, teaching and learning for all children.  I continue to be excited by the challenges of ensuring that the primary curriculum is engaging, exciting and prepares children for the next stage of their education and that together we overcome any barriers to learning to ensure that every child achieves their very best.  I consider myself very lucky to be part of Team Throston.   


Mr. John Leary:  Co-opted Governor
I have been a teacher in Hartlepool since 2012 at High Tunstall College of Science. I am currently Assistant Headteacher for Personal Development and have also done the same role for Teaching and Learning. As part of my role over many years I have led our Transitional Team working with our cluster Primaries to aid smooth transitions to Secondary. In such a role I have worked extremely closely with Throston School and then, I was delighted to become a Co-opted Governor within the last two years at Throston. I continue to enjoy working with such a wonderful community of young people and their families, and looking at all ways we can support young people as they develop across Primary and Secondary education, not only academically but also as members of society.


Mr. Kevin Shears: LA Governor


Miss. Gail Dickson - Parent Governor

My name is Gail Dickson - mam to Tilly (Year 3) and ex-pupil Toby (now in secondary school). Being an ex-pupil myself and having grown up on the estate, I have a strong connection to Throston Primary School. I would like to be more involved in helping to deliver a good quality education to our children. I am a long-term conditions nurse, and have 27 years’ experience within the NHS working in A/E, hospice care and general practice. I feel that my professional skills combined with my passion for making a difference to children’s educational, mental and physical health would make me an excellent choice for the role of parent governor.


Mrs. Leanne Green - Parent Governor
My name is Leanne Green I am a parent governor, I have a daughter, Maddison who is in Key Stage 2. My time is filled with work and family. I have worked in post 16 education for over 15 years, I also work 2 evenings per week in local Hartlepool youth centres and when I'm not at work all my free time is spent with my family at different sporting events, where I cheer from the sidelines. I have a keen interest in education and that is why I became a school governor. I feel being a governor is a great opportunity and allows me to be part the on going success of Throston Primary School.


Mrs. Julie Littlewood - Parent Governor

I'm Julie Littlewood, a dedicated parent governor at Throston for a decade. With three successful children and one in Year 4, I've witnessed the school's positive impact first-hand. I've advocated for improved teaching standards based on valuable feedback from both my own kids and others. Yet, there's more work to be done, which fuels my passion for this role. I'm a familiar presence, ensuring each child's unique educational needs are met beyond the classroom. As a parent governor, I bridge the gap, effecting change from within, addressing community and school concerns directly. This is why I'm seeking your vote for reappointment, as I'm committed to making our school even better.


Mr. Martin Pout - Parent Governor

I’m Martin Pout, I’ve had the honour of supporting Throston as a parent governor for the past 3 years. I come from an education background with 20 years’ experience as a university lecturer with 10 of these years as a Dean. I currently work at Durham University within international development. Outside of work, I am a non-exec director of the Daisy Chain Autism Charity and a non-exec director of a multi-academy trust, and I serve on HBC’s Children’s Services Committee. But most importantly I am a proud dad and want to support Throston in ensuring ALL of our children receive the very best start in life.


Mr. Mark Atkinson - Head Teacher Governor
I have been head teacher and governor at Throston Primary School since September 2008. Prior to this I was a primary computing consultant for the LA and a deputy head teacher and acting head teacher at another Hartlepool school.  I am always proud to say that the best thing about the school is our outstanding children, you only need to take a tour of the school to see this for yourself. I am very fortunate to have an abundance of very committed and experienced staff members, who have ensured year after year that we make fabulous progress. I enjoy working closely with our dedicated team of governors who provide challenge, support and advice. My aim is for the school to remain at the centre of the community and ensure every child has ‘a flying start to success’.


Mrs. Lynne Currell - Staff Governor

I have worked at Throston Primary School for eighteen years prior to this I worked in private day care, I am currently a keyworker within Early years a role I find very rewarding and thoroughly enjoy. I have been a staff governor for four years and have gladly committed to a further four as I relish the challenge it brings and I find it very informative furthering my knowledge within the whole school system. I am very proud to fulfil the role of staff governor representing my many colleagues. I work very well alongside governors and colleagues to achieve the best learning experience for our children as well as representing the staff of this hard working school.


Miss. Aimee Crane - Associate Governor

I’m Aimee Crane, and I have a Year 1 child at Throston. My role as a Director for a nationwide occupational therapy company has given me a wealth of experience in helping children and adults overcome severe catastrophic injuries. With 15 years of experience as an Occupational Therapist, I am deeply committed to breaking down obstacles that hinder access to the curriculum. My passion lies in creating an environment where every child can flourish, enabling them to tackle the cognitive, physical and social demands of a school. As a healthcare professional, it’s my opinion that the wellbeing and pastoral care of all students is paramount.

Mrs. Vicky Gallager - Associate Governor
My name is Vicky Gallagher - mam to Lydia in Reception. I strongly believe in the welfare of our/all children, I want to be able to provide support, a listening ear and ultimately make a positive impact within the school - no matter how big or small the task – I will be 100 per cent dedicated. I live local, work local and feel I have a good strong rapport with parents and staff members also. I am approachable and will always go the extra mile to help. Before becoming a mother, I studied counselling and believe it is absolutely imperative that mental health and the wellbeing of children is something that should be explored, ultimately creating the best possible environment for all within this school. 

Mrs. Adele Malone - Parent Governor

I’m Adele Malone, I have a daughter at Throston, currently in Year 4.  My eldest daughter previously attended Throston from Nursery through to Year 6. Having been a parent governor for the last four years, I would love to continue for a further term.  During this time, I have provided parent governor support throughout the challenges of both Covid and the Ofsted inspection. I have worked within finance in the NHS for twenty years.  This has provided me with significant experience of facing the challenges brought by balancing performance, quality, and financial control.  As much as my career background is in healthcare, I am enthusiastic about children’s education, and being a parent’s voice to assist the school in enabling all our children to achieve a “flying start to success”.


Mrs. Charlotte Rennie - Associate Governor

I am Charlotte Rennie, a primary school teacher with 16 years’ experience. My daughter currently attends Throston Primary School in Year 2. I have a strong ability to communicate effectively with parents, teachers, and other stakeholders, as well as contributing to positive team environments. I feel that my professional skills, combined with my passion for education and learning, would make me an excellent choice for the role of parent governor. By serving as a parent governor, I hope to bring my experience and dedication to the table, contributing to the continued growth and excellence of Throston Primary.


Mrs. Mary Robinson - Associate Governor
Hi, I’m Mary Robinson, mam to Harriet who has just started in Reception.  I am a qualified accountant with 20+ years’ experience, primarily in manufacturing.  I have been involved in financial strategy, leadership, cost-control, problem solving and commercial negotiations.   I would love to utilise these skills to give something back to the local community by supporting the school, staff, children and parents to be the best they possibly can. I strongly believe that good education is vital and would be grateful for the opportunity to help drive the school forward, enabling our children to have the best possible start.


Mrs. Michelle Swift - Associate Governor
Hello, I’m Michelle Swift, a dedicated parent and advocate for children’s voices. My goal as a parent governor would be to strengthen school community ties enrich our educational environment, and support children’s thriving. With over a decade in education, specialising in SEND, and as a Mental Health and Emotional Wellness specialist (Thrive Practitioner), I bring expertise to enhance our school community. My commitment is to nurture an inclusive, supportive, and thriving educational environment. I’d be honoured to contribute to Throston Primary School’s excellence.

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