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Throston Primary School

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The school will ensure that any child needing additional help will receive it. The school works closely with all support agencies such as the Educational Psychology Service and the Speech and Language Service. The school has reviewed its Special Needs Provision and all children on our special needs register have their needs met within their classroom. Reviews are held regularly and parents are invited to all reviews.


Admission arrangements for pupils with disabilities are the same as for other pupils wherever possible. The Local Authority and the school work together to ensure that school can meet the needs of pupils.


The school has in place a Single Equality Scheme; this has details of the steps taken by the school to prevent pupils being treated less favourably because of disability, race or gender. All pupils in school are taught in age appropriate, mixed ability class groups with some additional classroom assistant support being provided for children with specific needs. A personalised curriculum ensures the needs of all pupils are met.


Currently the school has the following provision for children with disabilities:

  • Automated entrance doors;
  • Ramp access;
  • Disabled toilets/shower;
  • Lift within Key Stage 2 for access to art and ICT room;
  • Paper based materials are available in alternative formats;
  • Appropriate multimedia facilities.


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