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A Flying Start to Success

Understanding the World

Through practical activities in Reception they could explore different materials and how they can be changed as well as experiencing magnets, floating/ sinking/water proofing and freezing/ melting. They will be developing observational skills and carrying out tests.


Past and present

 In Reception they will recognise that familiar things were different in the past, using different resources, such as photos, artefacts, stories and videos. They will learn about figures from the past, for example - Richard Steiff, Walt Disney, Amundsen and Scott or John Logie Baird. They will also talk about past events in their lives.


People and communities

 In Reception children will explore different jobs, such as people who help us. They will learn about different hobbies that people have.

A range of resources including books, photographs, figures, film clips and artefacts from other cultures will give your child an awareness of different communities and their celebrations. They will learn about some special religious books and special places of worship.

They will look at some different countries and how life may be different in these places.


The Natural World

With lots of hands on experiences children in Reception will learn about the weather, changing seasons, plants and their growth, animals and their habitats and life cycles. They will learn about different habitats around the world and how we might look after them.

They will learn about some features of the countryside and how that may differ from a town or city.