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A Flying Start to Success

View Our Pictures, Autumn 2019

Friday 20th December 2019: The Foodbank collects items from our Year 3 and Year 4 Quests.

Thursday 19th December 2019: Year 4 collect Foodbank donations from Lynton Court.

VSCO Competition 2019

Wednesday 18th December 2019: Year 4 sing at Hartfields Retirement Home.

Wednesday 18th December 2019: Writing Success - Gifts for Kenya.

Tuesday 17th December 2019: Early Years visit Stockton Arts Centre to see ‘The Man who wanted to be a Penguin’.

Tuesday 17th December 2019: Year 2 sing for the elderly at Lynton Court.

Monday 16th December 2019: Autumn Term Dojo Party.

Monday 16th December 2019: 'My Money Week' Champions 2019.

Autumn Austen House Party 2019

Fortnite Vehicle Competition.

More Christmas Show Images - Key Stage 2

More Christmas Show Images - Baboushka

Thursday 12th December 2019: Key Stage 1 and 2 Christmas Shows.