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During Year 4, we continue learning French, building up on the foundations from the previous year. 


The lessons follow the same format that the children are familiar and confident with, learning new vocabulary linked to everyday topics. This new vocabulary is embedded into written sentences ensuring children are aware of the grammatical structure of a foreign language.


Each lesson is both interactive, inclusive and fun. Children are given the opportunity to practise using their oral, reading and written skills.


What topics will we cover?


  • Recap Year 3
  • My Home- Learning about the different rooms in the house.
  • My Town- Learning about different buildings and shops in a town.
  • Describing people- Learning new adjectives to describe a person’s features.
  • The Body- Learning new vocabulary to describe all of the parts of the face, verbs which relate to the body, run, swim, talk, read etc, and aches and pains.
  • Fairytales.
  • Sports- Comprising of sports the children like and dislike, vocabulary linked to the stadium and Wimbledon.